Our philosophy is simple: we live in Laconia and we like it!

We would like to share with you our friendship for this country, its light, its human and environmental originality, its gastronomy, its tastes, its perfumes, its passions. We are thus faithful to our origins, since our parents, already in love with Hellenic culture, managed a Greek grocery store in Paris for more than thirty years before taking the step and packing in Laconia where they stay Now half the year, so close to their grandchildren.

This course guarantees you a choice of products that meet both the French consumption criteria and the particularities of the Greek tradition. We therefore offer you a selection of local products, all tested and verified by us, all original or natural manufacturing.

Our products come from Laconia which lies in the south of the Peloponnese Pennisula in sunny Southern Greece and from small family owned farms and orchards .

We use them on a daily basis and can give you an informed opinion on their specificity.

We provide transportation to your home. Shipping costs are even offered for an order over 35 €.

You benefit from 3euros of reduction from your 2nd order and many other advantages by creating a customer account with us.

Our images of Laconia

We are based in Skala, a small village of 3,067 inhabitants, nestled in the mouth of the river Evrotas, considered a divinity by the ancient Greeks. With Mount Taygetus, the highest peak in the Peloponnese, our hills are covered with olive trees, the valleys are full of orange trees and each plot of land is dedicated to market gardening or to a family farm. No introduction of chemistry has yet succeeded in modifying the practices of cultivation on a human scale of our peasants. The sea provides salt and fish. Bees sugar. Nature a palette of grasses of all kinds. And the omnipresent sun gilds the whole, always harvested at exact maturity, without preserving travel.

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